CONFLICT! was a one-hour live talk radio program that aired weekly on WGMU Radio from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. The program was broadcasted locally on 650AM and GMU Cable Ch 22, and webcasted worldwide on wgmuradio.com. Program schedule and archives were posted weekly on this site. Program content includes prerecorded and live interviews with expert guests, relevant music, and various other audio clips.


Conflict affects everyone, in all levels of society, and it is neither "good" nor "bad". Rather, the results of conflict can be more or less productive or destructive depending on how we deal with it. There are many ways to deal with it, including fighting or avoiding, which tend to be destructive in one way or another. There are also constructive ways to deal with conflict that honor the human dignity of all parties and seek collaborative solutions, which satisfy the needs of everyone involved. If you think this sounds a bit too idealistic, you are not alone, and for good reason--we rarely hear about constructive ways to deal with conflict from our popular media.

CONFLICT! aims to showcase, highlight, and explore effective constructive ways to address conflict that are generally nonviolent, nonadversarial, and collaborative in nature. There are plenty of places to find information and analysis about why and how conflict occurs, yet, while such analyses are crucial for those who wish to make a change for the better, perhaps even more important for those who have not been convinced of the potential for such changes are actual examples of approaches that have been effectively used or are currently being employed. It is one thing to talk about what might work, it is another thing altogether to talk about what has worked. CONFLICT! aims to offer such examples in an effort to inspire, motivate, and encourage listeners who wish to believe--and contribute towards--another way to deal with differences in our world. Please join in the exploration!


Shawn Dunning, Host/Producer


Copyright 2018, Shawn Dunning